We've taken significant steps to reduce energy use and material waste while continuing to produce the finest custom cabinetry. Top efforts include controlling heat sources, product processes, and electric consumption. Together, we can make a difference.

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Resource Management

We're proud to use only the highest quality materials in our cabinetry. Our dedicated personnel harness the power of cutting-edge technology to ensure the best possible usage and yield for critical components such as:


Additionally, we process and recycle finish materials for use as solvents.

Recycling Programs

At Plain & Fancy, we are determined to limit our contributions to landfills. To achieve this end, we've implemented comprehensive recycling programs involving the following key materials:

Cardboard, paper, and metal items are recycled.
Wood blocks become mulch or are used to produce heat.
Skids can also produce heat.
Sawdust can be used in animal bedding.
Finishes provide fuel for kiln-fired heat.
Solvents can be reused.

Wood Materials

Our wood products are purchased in accordance with stringent federal and state requirements. Furthermore, we meet the Toxic Substances Control Act's Title VI standards for minimal formaldehyde emissions on sheet goods. By consistently adhering to these standards, we are able to promote a safer workplace while also providing compliant materials for our valued customers' homes.

Finish Materials

All Plain & Fancy finishes are purchased and applied according to the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) regulations. Testing and sampling occurs regularly in order to provide the latest in industrial coating technology. Plain & Fancy is committed to providing the best styles, finishes and durability for long-lasting cabinetry.

Ultra Durable Finishes

Chemistry is at the root of what makes a finish last a lifetime. Integral processes like sanding, maintaining finish standards, and techniques are carefully monitored and reviewed. Building the best finish starts at the beginning with hand sanding, glazing and staining. Primers are as important as topcoats as they provide the foundation for a long-lasting, quality finish. A trained eye ultimately ensures that the finish is applied correctly and consistently from cabinet to cabinet.

These carefully planned processes are influential in controlling finish waste, providing a uniform finish that is long lasting and adds value to the home. Cabinets that are durable and last for decades, like Plain & Fancy cabinets, are extremely beneficial for our community and the environment as a whole.

Our Promise

We promise to build products that meet elite quality standards without compromising the environment. We're committed to satisfying our customers while continuing to act as responsible stewards. We also intend to uphold the inspiring legacy of founder John Achey, who emphasized not only quality cabinetry, but also a spirit of innovation. Our commitment to cutting-edge sustainability practices fulfills this vision.